Christmas Tree Collection 2019

Christmas Tree Collection ***Curbside & Landfill: This holiday season's curbside collection will be Monday January 7th through Friday January 11th on your regularly scheduled collection day. 
If you have a recycling permit (available for free to residents), you can bring your Christmas tree to the landfill without having to wait for curbside collection. 
Trees in plastic or contained ornaments/tinsel will not be accepted.
***Farm for Goat & Horse Feed: 
---Recycle your Christmas tree into a goat treat! The goats and sheep at Carraig Farm and Apothecary nibble on both the bark and needles while the tree gives them needed fiber during the winter months. Drop off at the farm, 179 West Rd, Ashby (no tinsel/hairspray/ornament wire please), and Happy New Year!
--- Shay's Showbirds Flock of fun farm is asking for your Christmas Trees to feed the Goats and Horses. Trees can dropped off at 188 Fitchburg Road, Townsend MA. No tinsel, ornament wire or hairspray-treated trees.
***Tree not picked up? 
Report at or call the BOH at 978-829-1870 or email me at

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