Fitchburg Wastewater Beginning Design of Major Sewer Infranstructure Project

Beginning on November 1st, the City’s Engineering Consultant, Weston & Sampson, will begin investigative and survey work for the City as the first step in the design progress of of Consent Decree in that the City eliminate Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) to the Nashua River. The first step will include Sewer Smoke Testing. The smoke testing is anticipated to be performed over an approximate two week period, and is expected to be completed by Friday - November 16th. “Smoke testing is a non-toxic industry-standard technique to locate problems in the sewer collection system that allow non-revenue groundwater and rain water to enter the sewer system,” said Mr. Maressa,
“Although the smoke is non-hazardous to humans, pets, or material goods, residents can still minimize the chance that smoke will enter buildings by running a few gallons of water into plumbing traps within their homes or businesses to ensure they’re filled with water. A plumbing trap that is filled with water will prevent smoke from entering homes and buildings provided that the proper plumbing is installed and functioning properly.”