Potholes --- Damage to Vehicles

Potholes --- Damage to Vehicles--- and your rights to submit a claim to the city for reimbursement for repairs.
Have you hit a pothole in Fitchburg that has obviously caused damage to your vehicle?
You may submit a claim for property damage to the city through the Mayor's Office.
Claim form: http://www.ci.fitchburg.ma.us/DocumentCen…/…/Claims-Form-PDF
Please note: You will need to provide the proof of cost or estimate for vehicle repair a description of the issue and explanation of why you feel the city is liable.
It is suggested to photograph the damage at the area of impact--- for example a photo of a flat tire on the road where the pothole impact occurred. Photograph the pothole and pothole with context as to location in road.
Additionally, the city is generally deemed 'not liable' if the pothole was not reported to the city at all, or if city did not fix the pothole within a 'reasonable timeframe'.
The burden of proof relies on the resident.
Therefore.....Reporting potholes in a timely fashion helps the city and the residents.
Potholes can be searched for reports, and reported through the seeclickfix app here: