Why can't the City use Bank of America for Ward 5 Voting?

Why can't the City use Bank of America (700 Main St) for Ward 5 Voting?
Answer from City Clerk:
"Counselor, historically the city of Fitchburg has housed the voting locations for all precincts in a particular ward in one location. While the bank of America address could serve as a precinct for 5b it could not serve as the precinct for 5A because it is not adjacent.
As you know the designation of polling locations is by city Council vote. If the city Council chooses to split up the voting locations for the Two ward five precincts then the additional expense should be considered.
The Bank of America building will be under construction shortly through calendar year 2019. Although it could be considered as the voting location for Ward 5B in the future I don’t believe it is wise to consider it during the construction phase. I have been in contact with Rollstone Congregational Church on the lower Main Street which could serve as a voting location for both 5A and 5B because it is adjacent to both precincts That discussion has been postponed temporarily due to the fact that I am out with an injury. It is my intention to resume that discussion when I return.
The council will be seeing more communication from me on this when I return.