Unitil's Gas Emergency Meeting 2018

🔥 I attended Unitil's Gas Emergency Meeting this morning at their new Lunenburg MA headquarters.
Discussing the circumstances behind the gas over-pressure situation in the Merrimack Valley, and how Unitil is taking steps to mitigate that situation here.
Discussed how they respond and communicate with public officials and city agencies in emergency situations. Representing Fitchburg was myself, the DPW crew, FPD Captains and our Fire Chief.
🚧 For Future plans, Unitil is planning pipe replacement projects in Fitchburg to serve the majority of the customers with an intermediate pressure system---with individual regulators at each home that would prevent any system over pressurization from reaching the home appliances, with additional system shutoffs to be installed as well. 
If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them ...or find the answers ;-)