Extreme Weather Advisory - Emergency Shelter Notice

Extreme Weather Advisory - Emergency Shelter Notice 
Due to extreme weather conditions, in the event that all applicable shelter resources are not available, temporary EMERGENCY shelter may be available to individuals who qualify*. 
This service will be in effect for the following time period: 
Begin at 12pm on: Tuesday, December 18, 2018 
End at 10am on: Wednesday, December 19, 2018 
During normal, non-holiday hours, the following agencies are authorized to qualify individual(s)' and provide shelter during this time period:

o Our Father's House 978.345.3050
o MOC Housing & Communlty Services 978,343.5706
o Salvation Army, Fitchburg 978.345.3200
o Gardner CAC 978.632.8700
O Athol Area YMCA 978.249.3305 
o Athol Salvation Army 978.249.8111

•For individuals with minor children

Weeknights after 4:30 pm or on weekends: 
o Our Father's House 978-855·5184

The funding for these services are provided by non-public monies and are provided through the designated entities only.