What to do with all that Wrapping Paper??

What to do with all that Wrapping Paper??
Standard Christmas and other Holiday Wrapping Paper should be thrown in the trash cart. Many coatings and inks used in these papers make them non-recyclable and or too expensive to recycle.
---Try alternatives to expensive disposable wrapping papers that cannot be recycled: 
Decorative boxes, gift bags, and tins can be reused.
Use paper bags, brown paper or newspaper to wrap 
your gift and then use a reusable ribbon, bow, twine or natural sprig of evergreen to decorate it. 
Other ideas:
Use old gourmet or home and garden magazines to wrap a gift for someone who likes to cook (or eat!) or garden. A traveler might like a gift that is wrapped in maps you no longer use. The Sunday comics wrapped around the gift gives great color and they’re fun to read. Wrap a sports fan’s gift in a sports magazine. A quilter would enjoy a gift
wrapped in a piece of fabric that you might have at home and never used. Wrap a child’s gift in a brown paper bag and add a small box of crayons for the little artist to create a brown bag masterpiece. Empty (or full) seed packets make a colorful gift tag. String, yarn, and even the one odd shoestring in the junk drawer can bring a unique touch to a gift package. Once you have given the gift, the person who receives it can recycle the wrapping!

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