Voter Choice MA Advisory board

So honored to be invited to join the Voter Choice MA Advisory board promoting Ranked Choice Voting with such an amazing group of advocates I follow across the state like Evan Falchuk & Alexandra Chandler, Nichole Mossalam, Bill McKibben, Steve Grossman, Segun Idowu and many more awesome influential people.
Simply allowing voters to rank the candidates on the ballot in order of preference will make Massachusetts elections more competitive and fair by encouraging the participation of more candidates and parties, and by ensuring outcomes that more accurately reflect the will of the voters.

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Why can't the City use Bank of America for Ward 5 Voting?

Why can't the City use Bank of America (700 Main St) for Ward 5 Voting?
Answer from City Clerk:
"Counselor, historically the city of Fitchburg has housed the voting locations for all precincts in a particular ward in one location. While the bank of America address could serve as a precinct for 5b it could not serve as the precinct for 5A because it is not adjacent.
As you know the designation of polling locations is by city Council vote. If the city Council chooses to split up the voting locations for the Two ward five precincts then the additional expense should be considered.
The Bank of America building will be under construction shortly through calendar year 2019. Although it could be considered as the voting location for Ward 5B in the future I don’t believe it is wise to consider it during the construction phase. I have been in contact with Rollstone Congregational Church on the lower Main Street which could serve as a voting location for both 5A and 5B because it is adjacent to both precincts That discussion has been postponed temporarily due to the fact that I am out with an injury. It is my intention to resume that discussion when I return.
The council will be seeing more communication from me on this when I return. 

Concern for Ward 5 Polling Location at Saima Park

There has been concern regarding the new Ward 5 Polling location at Saima Park on Scott Rd in Ward 5A.
Concerns have included distance to travel, cost of rental (we pay $800/election), transportation to the election location etc.
Please see this correspondence regarding evaluation of alternative sites and reasoning why these sites were not chosen. If you have further suggestions, please share...and for more info, see the entire document packet here.

Crocker Elementary School VOTES! 31st year!!

Crocker Elementary School VOTES! 31st year!! Love love love so so much!!


Another amazing year of the Fitchburg Crocker Elementary School's PEACE voting project! Congratulations to the winners of Crocker's 2018 Election: Charlie Baker for Governor, Rick Green for Congress Representative, Senator Dean A. Tran for Senate and Representative Stephan Hay for State Representative.


Sentinel & Enterprise Endorsement 

Proud to have the endorsement for Fitchburg City Council-at-Large from our Sentinel & Enterprise newspaper! πŸ—³οΈπŸ“°βœ…
πŸ‘‰In March 2016 out of the 7 candidates for the open council seat, I was also honored with the S&E endorsement where they wrote:
"Squailia represents a new generation of Fitchburgers committed to improving the city. Even before she applied for the vacancy, she had already worked to clean up the city through her and her husband's Trash Bag Challenge, and she has led the effort to build a dog park in the city. Her active presence on Facebook through the Discussing Fitchburg Now page and on FATV is helping hundreds of residents take greater interest in the city and its future. She'd also add a woman's voice to the council. If we had a vote, she'd get it."

Read all the 2017 endorsements here: