Legislative night at the Chocksett Inn 2019

Great time chatting with fellow elected officials, business leaders and candidates for office tonight at the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce Legislative night at the Chocksett Inn 🇺🇸 Saw my favorite city councilors from Fitchburg, Leominster and Gardner...and beyond to Ashby and Westminster! Great event to be able to regionally discuss our successes and challenges ... thanks to Mount Wachusett Community College for sponsoring!

The Pig in Flames restaurant opening

Fitchburg's NEWEST restaurant is The Pig in Flames at 96 Franklin Road in Parkhill Plaza. Alerted by my little birdies in DFN that today was their first full day open... we went there for lunch...and just WOW.
It is homestyle BBQ ---with juice drinks and smoothies!
The Pulled pork was incredible...so delicious and also crispy in the right places....get it with the coleslaw side and it is especially delicious.
Also got a steak and chicken skewer....they are huge and perfectly cooked...juicy.
They give you Compostable takeout containers and cutlery... which I love so much.
They also have sandwiches ready made to go in their cooler for a FAST lunch.
Hours are M-Th 11am-7pm and Fri/Sat 11am-3am
Website www.thepiginflames.com
The owner Liz Davis noted they will be offering delivery by UberEats soon!

PetSupplies Doggie Wash & Doggie Adoption

UPDATE: The doggie wash and doggie adoption was an amazing success!!!
Second Chance Animal Services brought 5 puppies...and ALL WERE ADOPTED!! 🚚❤🐕🐩 So much happiness abound on Saturday!
We could not have done it without The Hair Loft on Mass Ave in Lunenburg... so please tell them THANK YOU and get your hair, nails or toes done there too 💅
Thanks to all who brought their dogs for washes too 💧🌊🐕🐩 Thank you Pet Supplies Plus for the support!

Fitchburg Healthcare First Responders BBQ

Thank you Fitchburg Healthcare for the invite to your First Responders BBQ! Honored to attend and help represent Fitchburg.
I had a great burger and chat for lunch about our EMS service and Fitchburg Healthcare amenities with Carol and a few of her friends 💜
Great to see Senator Dean A. Tran there with his fabulous staff and Cutest mini-Dean.
Also spoke with Executive Director David Hicks about the rising costs of healthcare for our Seniors...and declining reimbursements from the State for their care. Resulting in closures of adult-senior care facilities and increased burden on staff and healthcare workers. #SaveOurSeniors

Marijuana/ Cannabis Businesses in Fitchburg

Page Updated September 20, 2019

I've been asked a few times "How many Cannabis businesses are going in now in Fitchburg?" So I put together this fairly comprehensive list....if I am missing anything or have anything that should be corrected please let me know!

Also, great article in the paper summarizes more and gives some more info: http://www.sentinelandenterprise.com/news/ci_32395267/preparations-underway-fitchburg-pot-shops

Info from Community Development Office as of 9/17/2019

Host Agreements Approved

January 1, 2018 - September 20, 2019

Marijuana/ Cannabis Businesses in Fitchburg: as of 9/20/19

General Notes

  • There is a cap on an individual licensee of 100,000 sq. ft. grow canopy.

  • There’s no cap for number of licensed cultivators.

  • For retail sales of Adult Use it is capped at 40% of the amount of package stores licenses, or 7 stores (referenced by City Solicitor). (Number of 8 used by city councilors most often in meetings when referencing 40% number, as minimum 20% number was rounding up per CCC)

  • Fitchburg voters approved adult-use/recreational cannabis 56.7% (8,707) to 43.3% (6,636), November 8th, 2016.

In Operation

Garden Remedies, Inc., 307 Airport Rd

Cultivation & processing of Medical Marijuana


Revolutionary Clinics, 1 Oak Hill Rd

Cultivation & processing of Medical & Adult Use Marijuana

Mass. Patient Foundation, 99 Development Rd

Medical Marijuana cultivation facility

Adult Use Marijuana cultivation facility (approved 8-13-2019)

  • Apothca, Inc.

  • Mass Patient received Special Permit approval 8/16/16 for a medical marijuana cultivation and processing facility at 99 Development Rd.

  • September 12, 2017 approved 7-0 to expand grow area

  • 9-12-2017 Meeting Minutes: http://www.ci.fitchburg.ma.us/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Minutes/_09122017-1092

  • 8-13-2019 Planning Board Minutes

  • 8-13-2019 Special Permit Modification & Site Plan Review -Mass. Patient Foundation, 99 Development Dr. Modification of bldgs. & expansion to produce Adult Use Cannabis Note: Mass. Patient Foundation is doing business as “Apothca” Hearing opened. Joe Lekach & Richard Philbrick, Apothca present. Apothca is requesting some clarification on the Planning Board’s Special Permit decision as to which buildings in they are allowed to operate in. They are currently in Bldgs. 1 ,10, 14 & 23 (including the greenhouse additions). Total growth canopy: 26,000 sq. ft. (Tier II: 30,000 40,000 sq. ft.). No expansion of grow canopy is being planned. No expansion to other buildings on Fitchburg portion of the site are contemplated. They are planning to expand to one building on the Westminster side of the town line and are currently in discussion w/ Westminster Planning Board. Their retail locations are in Arlington, Jamaica Plain & Lynn. Fitchburg is their only grow facility. Richard showed the Board photos of interior of site with some cleaning up of vegetation. Board: How about cutting down overgrown vegetation outside the chain link fence? Apothca would rather leave that there for screening. Fitchburg Fire Prevention is OK with conditions on the site. Public comment: Motion made & seconded to close hearing. Vote in favor.Motion made (Mr. Hurley) & seconded (Mr. Van Hazinga) to Approve Modification of Special Permit. Vote 5-0 in favor

 (Approved/ Pending State Approval or Opening)

Atlantic Medicinal Partners, 774 Crawford St.

Medical Marijuana cultivation/processing & dispensary facility

Revolutionary Clinics, 1 Oak Hill Rd.

Cultivation & processing of Adult-Use Marijuana

  • Bert Vining, Vice President of Revolutionary Clinics

  • Total Employees: 85 (65 at Oak Hill Rd) soon to be 120 Employees total.

  • A minimum of 35% of product produced is reserved for medical patients, the rest could go to the Adult Use Market

  • Product is locked and secured and transported to Somerville, and two locations in Cambridge.

  • Approved August 21st 2018 7-0

  • 8-21-18 Meeting Minutes: http://www.ci.fitchburg.ma.us/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Minutes/_08212018-1374


Garden Remedies, Inc., 307 Airport Rd

Cultivation & processing of Adult -Use Marijuana

  • Retail location in Newton

  • They currently employ 75 employees and will be adding 30 more.

  • They pay 1.25% of profits to City per Host Community Agreement..

  • Approved August 21st 2018 7-0

  • 8-21-18 Meeting Minutes: http://www.ci.fitchburg.ma.us/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Minutes/_08212018-1374

  • 9-10-2019 Planning Board Minutes

  • 9-10-2019 Minor Amendment of Special Permit #2018-7, Garden Remedies, 307 Airport Rd. -revised Greenhouses Hearing opened. Brian Marchetti, McCarty Engineering present. Plan approved by Board last year for “hoop house”greenhouses be located on a bed of crushed stone has been revised. Garden Remedies current proposal is to construct a more permanent 32,256 sq. ft. greenhouse in the same area. The greenhouse will have a poured 4-foot high concrete foundation, a concrete slab on grade, and a tubular steel frame with glass walls & roof. Part of the structure is in the 100-year floodplain. Finish Floor Elevation of greenhouse will be one foot above the Base Flood Elevation. Compensatory flood storage will be provided. An Amended Order of Conditions hadbeen approved at the last Conservation Commission meeting. Public comment: None. Motion made & seconded to close hearing. Vote infavor.Motion made (Mr. Fontaine) & seconded (Mr.Van Hazinga) to Approve Minor Amendment of Special Permit. Vote 7-0 in favor.


NS AJO Holdings, 20 Authority Drive

Cultivation, processing & retail sales of Medical & Adult-Use Marijuana

  • Aidan O’Donovan, CEO of NS AJO Holdings, Inc.

  • Closed on the (Geosearch) building in May 2018

  • The Adult Use plants will be distinguished from medical plants thru colored tags.

  •  Building is 43,000 sq. ft. but the grow canopy will be a Max. of 20,000 sq. ft. (Tier 3). This maxes out their grow space. 

  • Retail locations planned in Dorchester & Watertown.

  • They’ll pay 3% sales tax. Their total payment to City is max. $400,000/year

  • Est. 4-5 month construction period. Planning on a Spring 2019 opening.  They will build half of space to start, finish in 2020. 

  • 75 employees at full build-out.  Total investment $9-10 million.
    Approve Sept 11, 2018 7-0

  • Approved Special Permit August 8, 2017 for Medical Marijuana

  • 7-11-2017 Meeting Minutes: http://www.ci.fitchburg.ma.us/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Minutes/_07112017-1069

  • 8-8-2017 Meeting Minutes: http://www.ci.fitchburg.ma.us/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Minutes/_08082017-1080

  • 6-19-2018 Host Agreement

  • 9-11-18 Meeting Minutes: http://www.ci.fitchburg.ma.us/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Minutes/_09112018-1395

  • 9-10-2019 Planning Board Minutes

  • 9-10-2019 MINOR SITE PLAN REVIEW NS AJO Holdings, 20 Authority Dr. -extension on Site Plan Approval condition for Adult Use Cannabis Atty.Dan Glissman, Prince Lobel Tye& Aiden O’Donovan ofNS AJO present. Dan submitted a handout to the Board explaining their request. They are seeking an extension of the one-year period to commence operation of the Adult Use Cannabis operation, which was a condition of their October 2018 Site Plan Approval. Progress at site to date: Construction started on interior fit-out Feb. 2019. They expect to finish construction end of year. Est. start of cultivation: 1stQ 2020. Plan to open doors April 2020. Q: Will both medical and non-medical cannabis be available at the same time?Aiden: TBD. In the previous site plan approval decision there was some confusion over language. Agreed: The Board’s Site Plan Approval was intended to cover the Cultivation, Processing & Retail sales of Adult Use Cannabis. The decision will be revised to reflect that. Motion made (Mr. Fontaine) & seconded (Mr. Van Hazinga) to Approve an extension of the time period to commence operation of the Adult Use cannabis operation to one year from October2019, and also to clarify language of the Site Plan Approval. Vote in favor.


Native Sun Wellness, 140 Industrial Road

Cultivation/processing of Medical Marijuana

  • Mark Schuparra, CEO & Michael Drayer, head grower of Native Sun Wellness

  • Building (former Moduform) is72,000 sq. ft. on a 6.4 acre site.

  • Proposed grow canopy approx. 40,000 sq. ft.

  • They will have approx. 15 employees in Year 1.

  • DBA “Native Roots”.

  • Their retail locations will be in Cambridge. 

  • Time frame: 12-14 month build out from December 2018

  • 5-8-18 Meeting Minutes for Informal Review: http://www.ci.fitchburg.ma.us/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Minutes/_05082018-1313

  • 12-11-18 Meeting Minutes: http://www.ci.fitchburg.ma.us/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Minutes/_12112018-1472

  • 5-14-2019 Planning Board Minutes

  • 5-14-2019 Site Plan Review -Native Sun Wellness, expanding to cultivation/processing of Adult-Use Marijuana, 140 Industrial Rd. Hearing opened. Michael Drayer, NSW Director of Cultivation, Jamie Rheault, W&B &Atty.Phil Silverman,Vicente Sederberg present. Michael & Jamie: NSW rec’d Special Permit last year(#2018-17) to grow/process Medical Marijuana. NSW is seeking Site Plan Approval to expand to cultivation/processing of recreational cannabis, as an “Experienced Operator”, per Sec. 181.6542 of the Ordinance.Adding Adult Use is an important factor in raising the capital to make the project a reality.

  • 5-14-2019 Planning Board comments: Work to date? They have started on power upgrades to building,and have started to separate the 140 Industrial Rd. building from the adjacent Moduform building at 172Industrial Rd. Timetable? Michael estimates 3-6 months to really get going on site work. Their application is pending with the CCC. Q: Any changes to the building or floor plan with adding Adult Use? No, it will only allow them to also produce for adult use retailers. They have a retail location pending in Hudson. Grow canopy 40,000 sq. ft. Total building footprint: 70,000 sq. ft. Their Host Community Agreement for cultivating medical marijuana also covers non-medical. NSW will lease the space from a landlord parent company. NSW not interested in a retail location here now. Deliveries between ME’sare allowed. Condition suggested: If Home Delivery is ever allowed in future by CCC, it will be subject to further Planning Board approval. Public comments:Melanie Weeks (Monty Tech representative): At their meeting w/ Monty Tech School Board a few months ago, NSW had stated that they would never have a retail location at Industrial Rd.site. Mary Jo Bohart, Economic Development Director: Is Moduform staying on as a tenant in the rest of the building? Yes, for the time being. Motion made & seconded to close public hearing. Vote in favor.Motion made (Mr. Van Hazinga) & seconded (Mr. Hurley) to Approve the Site Plan, subject to: Conditions to mirror typical/existing adult use cultivation facilitiesFile disclosure forms & releases for background checks. Vote 7-0 in favor.


Cypress Tree Management, 431 Westminster Street

Medical & Adult Use?

Cultivation & processing of Medical Marijuana (7/18, 9/18)

  • Matt Fournier Building Owner

  • Zach Harvey, COO of Cypress Tree Mgmt.

  • d/b/a Weston Roots

  • Cypress Tree will be using 50,000 sq. ft. of the building

  • Medical marijuana cultivation establishment with 32-50 employees.

  • Approved Sept 11, 2018 7-0


Colonial Cannabis, 141-143 Water St.

Retail sale of Adult-Use Marijuana

  • Jack Carney, Green Era LLC

  • There will be a vestibule entrance with security.  Customers will wait in queue & wait for employee to check IDs.

  • They will only allow 20 -25 people inside store at any one time.  If waiting line extends outside, additional security will be provided. 

  • Expects peak times will be >5:00p.m. on Fridays. Hours expected to be M-Th 10-8, Fri.-Sat. 10-10

  • They are proposing to use one-half of the 3,500 sq. ft. space for retail cannabis sales and the other half for a Potential restaurant.

  • Expect to start with 4-5 employees, may go up to 7 once established.

  • 2% of retail sales with $10K annually to community relations board.

  • Approved November 13th 6-0

 Blue Collar Botany, 644 River St.

Cultivation/processing of Adult-Use Marijuana

The Caregiver-Patient Connection, 373 Lunenburg St.

Retail sales of Adult-Use Marijuana

  • Catherine Trifilo (Iandoli) & Dean Iandoli, Owners

  • Adult Use cultivation/processing facility in Barre (10,000 sq. ft.)

  • Retail Name: Solcanna

  • Hours approved by Planning Board for retail facility: 11:00 a.m. -8:00 p.m., 7 days per week.  (1-9-2019)

  • 1-9-2019 Planning Board Minutes

  • Est. 4-6 employees; 1,270 sq.ft. floor space. Maximum 12-15 customers per hour; 21 people max. capacity by building code.

  • 3% of retail sales, 5 yr. contract.  $10K/year to Community Relations Board. 

  • 11-20-2018 Host Agreement

  • 4-9-2019 Planning Board Minutes

  • 7-9-2019 Planning Board Minutes

  • 7-9-2019 Planning Board; MINOR SITE PLAN REVIEW 371 Lunenburg St., Caregiver-Patient Connection, minor revisions Mike Staiti presented revised plan by Hannigan Engineering dated 7/9/19. Revisions include angled parkingspaces in front of building, more detail on the landscaping out front, and a handicap access ramp on the right (westerly) side of the bldg. Per Building Code, the value of the site’s construction work as a % of the total valuation of the property triggers making the entire bldg. accessible, thus the need for the ramp. Ms. Caron: The replacement fences on side of the parcel should be noted on the site plan as vinyl siding. Motion made & seconded to Approve revised site plan. Vote 5-0 in favor. Mike stated construction should be complete by early August. They hope to have retail open this fall, but it depends ongetting approval from the CCC

  • Update September 2019: Retail name appears to be Local Roots

Fresh Connection Boston, LLC, 175 Kimball St

Adult-Use Marijuana Cultivation & Processing

  • Host Agreement 4-2-2019 105-19 City Council

  • 5-14-2019 Planning Board Minutes

  • 5-14-2019 Special Permit & Site Plan Review - Hearing opened. Will Seagaard & Samantha Seagaard present. Will explained plans to use the bottom floor of 175 Kimball for a Tier II (max. 10,000 sq.ft. grow canopy) cannabis cultivation facility. Phase I will have a 2,100 sq. ft. grow canopy. They will expand to 5,000 -10,000 sq. ft. Building is three stories, 300 feet long. FATV will still lease the entire 2ndfloor. No other tenants will be in the building. Fire Prevention has done several walk-throughs of the building; sprinkler heads need to be replaced. Access to grow facility is only thru the main entry. Entire site will be fenced in. The wall facing the railroad tracks has no windows. Steep rocky slope from the rear of the site down to the RR tracks. Board reviewed plan with the 300-foot buffer delineated showing all protected uses within 300’. There are 17 residential uses on Kimball St.& Rollstone St. and one church within the 300-foot radius. The nearest residential parcel is 60 feet away.They expect 5-6 employees to start, expanding to 12 on the largest shift. Host Community Agreement has been finalized, permission for background checks have been submitted.

  • 5-14-2019 Capt. Lemay: Fitchburg P.D. -No issues w/ FPD. Q: Odor control? They will use positive air pressure & charcoal filters in order to keep odors from leaving building.Timeline? They hope to be open by 2020. Mr. Fontaine suggested clearing out overgrown vegetation at the corner of Kimball & Rollstone. DPW commented they they’re interested in a drainage easementfrom the applicant. Motion made & seconded to close public hearing. Vote in favor.Motion made (Mr. Fontaine) & seconded(Mr. Hurley) to Approve a Special Permit, subject to: Usual Cannabis grow facility Special Permit conditions.Clearing out overgrown vegetation & invasives at the corner of Kimball & Rollstone. And also granting a waiver from the300-feet buffer requirement in Section 181.656. Vote 7-0 in favor.

(Pending Approval)


Green Era, 371 John Fitch Hwy

Retail sales of Adult-Use Marijuana

  • 1-9-2019 Planning Board Agenda Minutes

  • Jack Carney

  • 2,900 sq. ft. unit in Wallace Plaza

  • Max. capacity on sales floor:25.

  • Hours of operation: Sun. -Thurs. 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

  • Expected Cannabis suppliers to be INSA, Commonwealth Cultivation and/or Eastern Heirlooms

  • Retail Name: Colonial Cannabis

Hub Craft /Hub Culture, LLC

Medical & Adult-Use Cultivation

  • 2-19-19 Planning Board Minutes

  • Howard Tanyu, The Hub Culture, Hunter Slay & Brian Arandez, Vosht Capital, Stephen Chaisson & Rebecca Adams, AC3, LLC and Scott Cornett, Northpoint Construction Mgmt.

  • Proposal to convert entire former Parks-Cramer bldg.@ 25 Newport St. into a Recreational Cannabis cultivation & processing facility. Phase I is a 26,000 sq. ft. fit-out. Theyhave done a walk-thru w/ Fitchburg Fire Prevention & have discussed their security arrangement w/ FPD. Eventually, they plan to expand to the entire 55,000 sq. ft.building. They have reviewed the file on the prior Special Permit for this site. They are OK with complying with the conditions of that Special Permit.

  • Full build-out the entire Grow Canopy will be 30-40,000 sq. ft. Employees:Phase I -15-30. At full buildout-50-60.Lighting:Currently High Pressure Sodium, but they will be transitioning to all LEDs. Some smaller HVAC equipment will be on rooftop,large HVAC will be ground-mounted. ROI Industries(existing business in bldg.) will need to relocate. The grow facility will operate 24/7.

  • Host Agreement on 4-2-2019 City Council Agenda

Stalk & Beans, 431 Westminster St.

Cannabis Third-Party Transporter

  • Proposed to take 520 sf of space in Mill

  • 12-11-18 Meeting Minutes: http://www.ci.fitchburg.ma.us/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Minutes/_12112018-1472

  • 1-9-2019 Planning Board Minutes

  • Matt Fournier, property owner, Matt Knox, Stalk & Beans, LLC, Rick Nagel, security consultant, Atty.Phil Silverman, John Caveney, Architect.

  • Stalk & Beans is not a retailer but acts as an Agent for the Cannabis producer, testing lab or retailer. Phil & Matt explained proposal. A small 520 s.f. portion of building will be divided off & fenced-in storage area installed for two vehicles. Drivers only get code to open lockbox in vans when they reach their intended destination. Also small office space with safe. CCC requires office safe for product storage on the rare occasion when drivers are unable to deliver product to their intended destination & they have to return. They will have two vehicles garaged overnight and three employees. Rick Nagel explained security plan. Security will be provided as if it were a dispensary.Van drivers will not be armed.

  • Host Agreement on 3-19-19 City Council Agenda

The Healing Center, 326 River St

  • 8-13-2019 Chuck Miller present to submit full application pkg for the September meeting and briefly explain plan. They are not making major changes to the former Cumberland’s site. Using previous main entrance, will have a new garage door on the side to the building for delivery of product. 20 parking spaces on site. Board comments: Show elevations of all sides of building, show screened dumpster location (if any), show access behind, show security camera locations.

  • 9-10-2019 Planning Board Minutes

  • 9-10-2019 Special Permit &Site Plan Review -The Healing Center, 356 River St. (former Cumberland Farms) Retail sales of Adult-Use Marijuana Hearing opened. Atty. Danielle de Benedictis, Paul Ferazzi, Mannie Greenspan, security guy (name) present. Applicants propose to convert the former Cumberland Farms building at the corner of Daniels & River St. into a retail facility for Adult Use Cannabis. Parcel: .45 acre. Total bldg. size:2,840 sq. ft., 2,000 sq. ft. to be used for retail. 27 parking spaces on site. Customer entrance will be in same location as Cumberland’s was.New garage door to be installed on left side of bldg. so delivery vehicle can pull completely into the bldg. They will eliminate the parking spaces shown on plan in frontof that door. Landscaping island at the intersection will be enlarged. No exterior dumpster, they’ll store waste inside bldg. USTs on site will be removed by Cumberland’s prior to closings. Cumby’s is also responsible for any contamination originating from site. Proposed hours of operation 10:00 a.m. to 10:00p.m.--will need to checkw/ FPD about closing that late. Dept. comments reviewed. Still need written comments from FPD. Board comments: Board reviewed 300-foot buffer map -Will need waiver of 300-foot buffer from residential portion of the One Oak Hill Rd. parcel (Anwelt Heritage Apts.). Applicant should think about whether existing bollards in front of building still needed, go with curb stops instead? Q: Host Community agreement? They are working w/ City Solicitor on it. Security plan & camera locations discussed. (security guy)has worked with several other cannabis applicants other communities. They have contracts w/ 15 other Cannabis facilities to provide security systems.Suggested off-site improvements: Repair sidewalk at corner of Daniels St. & River St. Ms.Caron suggested clearing vegetation on sidewalks underneath the nearby R/R underpass, make it easier for pedestrians. It was noted that although the Police Department has noted tacit approval of the project, their formal comments were not submitted for this hearing. Given that this is a dispensary on a busy rotary, their opinion was needed before making a final decision.Mr. Fontaine noted that a vinyl fence would be preferred in the rear of the building. They noted a chain-link was preferred by the Police Department for security reason. It was also noted that plan shows rest room in lobby? Public restroom on site would not be preferable, given the use. However, if so, customers should be required to leave their purchases at front desk before entering rest rooms. Q:Is a restroom open to the public even req’d by Bldg. Code?Applicant should check with the Building Department. Public comments: Dorothy Rouleau, Star Storage, 320 River St. -Wanted more information about project.Kathleen Dufour, 356 River St. -Traffic at Cleghorn Rotary is getting worse.Timing of signals on all approaches need to be looked at. Motion made and seconded to continue the hearing to the October 8th meeting.

Cannaburg Cultivation Coorperative LLC, 310 Broad St.

Adult-Use Cannabis cultivation

  • Rob Bujold of Westminster Millworks present. Total building area:56,000 sq.ft. Proposes to convert 14,000 sq. ft. on 2nd floor into a small, coöp. grower, 4,000 sq. ft. total grow canopy.

  • Building is outside of 300-foot buffer to Crocker Field, but perhaps within 200 -feet of the Horizon Church parcel. Rob will pursue Special Permit.

  • 11-13-2018 Meeting Minutes: http://www.ci.fitchburg.ma.us/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Minutes/_11132018-1446

  • 8-14-2019 Planning Board Minutes

  • 8-14-2019 310 Broad St. (Westminster Millworks) Sean Morrison & Rob Bujold in to informally discuss a Coöp grow facility (max. Grow Canopy 10,000 sq. ft.) on a portion of the 2nd floor of the Westminster Millworks building at 310 Broad St. No visible changes from the outside, although they will need to add another entrance on Broad St. Building footprint takes up entire lot; there is no room for off-street parking. Board comments: Show elevations of all sides of building, show screened dumpster location (if any), show access behind bldg., show security camera locations, show how security plan works with having multiple tenants in the bldg.

  • 9-10-2019 Planning Board Minutes

  • 9-10-2019 Special Permit & Site Plan Review- Cannaburg Cultivation Cooperative, LLC, 310 Broad St., Cultivation of Adult-Use Marijuana Hearing opened. Rob Bujold, applicant & property owner and Sean Morrison present. Applicant proposes a coöp grow facility (max. grow canopy 10,000 sq. ft.) on a portion of the 2nd floor of 310 Broad St. Building footprint takes up entire lot; there is no room for off-street parking. Rob unsure if current business (Westminster Millworks) will stay in bldg. No other tenants will be in bldg. All windows will be re-done. New man door will be installed on first floor. There is another access out the rear of the bldg.Board reviewed interior layout. Applicant noted that the building was going to be renovated with historic tax credits, and so would follow historic preservation standards. Board comments: Strongly suggest changing name instead of “Cannaburg”. Show elevations of all sides of building, show screened dumpster location (if any), show access behind bldg., show security camera locations, and show how security plan works with having multiple tenants in the bldg. Inside trash receptacle, no outside dumpster. Dept. comments reviewed. Public Comment: Nick Squailia, 315 Broad St. across the street. Willing to lease Rob as many space as needed Motion made & seconded to close hearing. Vote in favor.Motion made (Mr. Fontaine) & seconded (Mr. Van Hazinga) to Approve Special Permit with conditionsIf interior layout is modified, subject to Planning Board review & approval. Upper floors to remain vacant. Any future tenants subject to Planning Board review & approval.Subject to addressing Dept.review comments. Repair windows in entire building.Provide written lease for use of parking spaces across street at 315 Broad St. Subject to Planning Board review & approval of the applicant’s Standard Operating Procedures for the cultivation facility. Subject to City Council approval of Host Community Agreement. Vote 7-0 in favor.


ACT Labs

Independent Cannabis Testing Lab

  • Special Permit & Site Plan Review 5-14-2019 Planning Board Minutes

  • 131 John Fitch Hwy.

  • Logan Morse, ACT labs

  • Will be using site of the former “Sunsations” tanning salon. ACT Labs currently has locations in four other states & they plan to expand to five more. Estimated build-out 8 weeks, while waiting for CCC approval. There will be cameras at front door, double vestibules w/ key card entry only. Only employees will be allowed in bldg. ACT employees go to sites to pick up random samples. Their average sample size is .35 grams (sandwich bag size). They will have two vans. JFH site will have 7 designated parking spaces for ACT Labs. Hours will depend on demand, but likely M-F 8:00 -5:00 to start and maybe more. Initially will have 4 employees to start & expand to about 10.

226 Westminster St.

Retail sales of Adult Use Cannabis

  • 2-19-2019 Planning Board Minutes

  • 226 Westminster St. Mr. Patel & others presented proposal & asked Board whether this would be a suitable location.Board & Capt. Lemay comments: A high visibility site, however would need Waivers of the 300-foot Buffer from residential neighbors to the rear (Temple St., Vernon Court, Vernon St., etc.) Applicants may pursue in the future but were advised that there is a limited number of Retail locations that can be approved.

Oxford Investment Partners, LLC, 25 Newport St.

Cannabis Cultivation/processing



Fitchburg councilors tour specialized CARES School

My fellow councilor Walsh and I got the full tour with Principal Katherine Flynn during a recent open house at the new Deveraux CARES School in Fitchburg. 
Previously occupied by the Durham School of the Institute of Professional Practice, the new Deveraux CARES (Center for Autism Resources and Education Services) is a small private special education school that supports students ages 8-22 with Autism Spectrum Disorders, developmental disabilities, dual diagnoses, and social skills deficits. 
Their primary goal is to teach functional and pro-social skills that can be easily generalized to the student’s community and home.
They have a gym with workout equipment, an exterior yard with basketball hoop, library/reading areas, individual rooms, a lunch/cafe, a 'school store' and many other support areas.



Cannabis Job Fair Upcoming in Fitchburg

Cannabis Job Fair Upcoming in Fitchburg
A job fair is planned for individuals interested in applying to work for either an adult-use retail store or a medical marijuana dispensary. The job fair and resume workshop is planned for Wednesday, January 16, at the Fitchburg Public Library, MA, 610 Main St., from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
The job fair is being organized by Central Ave Compassionate Care Inc. a medical marijuana dispensary, and Gage Cannabis Co., which plans to open an adult-use retail cannabis shop. Both are hiring for a variety of positions, from entry level to management, at their locations in Ayer.
The job fair will also feature a workshop for applicants interested in entering the cannabis industry but who need assistance crafting a resume.
“This is an opportunity for us help fill our upcoming staffing needs and provide job opportunities for individuals from a community that have been disproportionately harmed by marijuana prohibition and enforcement,” said Mark Hillier, Chief Operating Officer of Central Ave Compassionate Care Inc.
Central Ave., a marijuana cultivator and manufacturer that operates a medical dispensary in Ayer, is seeking:
· Dispensary or sales agents
· Security Associates
· Packaging Personnel
· Cultivation Assistant
Gage Cannabis, which has plans to open as retailer and manufacturer in Ayer, is seeking:
· Sales associates
· Security associates
· Kitchen personnel
· Packaging personnel
All applicants must be 21 and older and willing to undergo a background check. Non-violent marijuana offenses are not disqualifying. Applicants should bring a resume and cover letter, and applications will be available at the job fair.
*Please share to all who might be interested*


Fitchburg's newest Golf Business Birdies Golf Junior Golf Clinics

Fitchburg's newest Golf Business Birdies Golf is hosting Free Weekly Junior Golf Clinics (Ages 8-14) starting Sat Jan 12th at 10am and 11am.
Pre-registration is required, limit of 6 per clinic.
Pregister at golf-birdies.com or call 978-516-6985.
Located at 68 Airport Rd, @FitchburgMass


Garden Remedies Inc. - Top 50 best to work in Cannabis

Congratulations to Garden Remedies Inc. of Fitchburg, Mass. on being named one the top 50 best companies to work for in Cannabis by MG Magazine --- thank you for helping to make a positive impact in the Fitchburg Business Community.

Grand occasions aren’t the only reason to celebrate at Garden Remedies, though the company certainly does take pride in celebrating special moments with events such as “harvest parties” when hitting cultivation milestones. The company revels in providing a “positive, healthy work environment” and in the diversity of its team: Currently, 67 percent of executive roles are occupied by women. World-class recycling and conservation programs surpass those of nearly every other company on this list.

Founded: 2013
Employees: 51-100
Job Openings: 11-20
Paid Education: Yes
Web: GardenRemedies.com


Wachusett Brewing Company Brew Barn Opening at Great Wolf Lodge

Loving the new Wachusett Brewing Company Brew Barn at our fabulous Great Wolf Lodge! Located in the tree ropes course area, this new Wachusett barn bar will be open 2-10pm! It's very kegalicious! Open to the public also you know... 😁Thanks to everyone that joined us this evening...my daughter and I LOVE Great Wolf and now I'll love it a smidge more 😉🍻 plus I made her super jealous that I saw Wiley and Violet without her 😂

BF Brown topping off ceremony - Fitchburg Arts Community

So excited to attend the BF Brown topping off ceremony this morning at Fitchburg Art Museum! They installed the first roof truss---ready to rebuild into the new Fitchburg Arts Community with NewVue Communities!
The Police Chief and I compared our BF Yearbooks.... & we were both on Student Council =D
Incredible showing of community support...including our outgoing Congresswoman Niki Tsongas! I'm so excited to see this project transform and yet preserve my Alma mater.

Small Business Saturday 2018

Our Small Business Saturday Event was a nice success! The Sentinel covered the event, and we heard good things from the local businesses.

Nearly 30 businesses will participate in Small Business Saturday this weekend to encourage people to buy local and to kick of the holiday shopping season.

See the event here for all the business promotions: https://www.facebook.com/events/198313224400937/

23 Gift Ideas for Shop Small! Shop Fitchburg. Nov 24, 2018 
Let's show our support our #Fitchburg small businesses on Saturday November 24th for #smallbusinesssaturday
-->See the event link above for more details on the deals:

1. Exercise Class Gift Certificates at Studio Q ( Fitchburg Mass )
2. Art Class Gift Certificates at Art on the Rocks, Fitchburg
3. Calendars, Fitchburg & beyond photo prints, Photo session gift certificates at Ashley Green Photography 
3. Personalized Wood gifts at RusticCraft 
4. Wood Gifts & Solid Wood Furntiture at Wilbur Davis Studios
5. Supplements & fitness gear at Nutrishop Fitchburg 
6. An experience Gift Certificate for Curious Escape Rooms 
7. Art Gifts, prints, sculpture & more at Gallery Sitka West
8. Musical Instruments and Gift certificates for lessons at Eddy's Music
9. Custom Journals at Pen & Anvil Press
10. Gift Certificate to join ILoveKickboxing
11. A fun Saturday out at Putnam Street Lanes Fitchburg
12. Smoking Accessories at Higher Standards Smoke Shop
13. Unique gifts for the home at Windmill Florist & Susan Bates Home and Garden
14. Skateboards and accessories at Acid Reign Skateboard Company
15. Gifts for the Furbabies at Fitchburg Preppy Pet
16. Fitchburg paintings and more at The Boulder Art Gallery
17. Clothes / Shoes at Urban Flow La Moda
18. $99 for a year membership to the new Global 24
19. Plant gifts and beyond at debonis & davin florist inc.
20. Coffee lovers gifts at Strong Style Coffee
21. Remote Control Cars and more at R/C Excitement, Inc 
22.5 Fitchburg themed gifts and more at Mill No. 3 Farmstand
22. Candles, Smoking & vaping accessories at Rebel Smoke
23. Tattoos, piercings and unique artwork gifts at Red House Irons

Let's show our support our #Fitchburg small businesses. Saturday November 24th is the official #smallbusinesssaturday.

We'll use this event to promote #shoplocal #shopfitchburg with events, specials and info on our own city's small business!
Click 'going' on the event for business updates.

Check here for a list with Fitchburg Small Business specials.
*note to check with local businesses for complete info.
*If you are a small business with a special...let us know!

Studio Q ( Fitchburg Mass ) 509 Electric Ave, Fitchburg
Open House for Small Business Saturday Weekend with Free Classes on Saturday and Sunday! See Studio Q FB page/event for details!

Art on the Rocks, Fitchburg 76 Franklin Rd, Fitchburg
Follow art on the rocks on Facebook for small business Saturday gift card deals!

Ashley Green Photography online: www.ashleygreenphoto.com
Coupon code ETSYCYBER2018 good for 15% off my entire shop Nov 20-26, working on something separate for Small Biz Saturday See etsy shop here ---> www.etsy.com/shop/ashleygreenphoto

RusticCraft online: www.rusticcraftdesigns.com
To celebrate Small Business Saturday... RusticCraft is offering a 10% off coupon code. Use the code SHOPSMALL in the cart screen to save 10% on your order Saturday & Sunday! Or click this link:
Handcrafted and hand engraved personalized wood gifts made in @Fitchburgmass
**For pickup orders in the Fitchburg area, we will refund shipping costs

Wilbur Davis Studios online: www.wilburdavisstudios.com
5% off and free shipping/delivery on wilburdavisstudios.com
Use coupon code SHOPSMALL to save 5% off your order on Saturday and Sunday!

Nutrishop Fitchburg 18 John Fitch Hwy, Fitchburg
Participating in #smallbusinesssaturday with a 20% off promotion all day on any non-sale purchase at Nutrishop! 

Curious Escape Rooms 359 Main St, Fitchburg
Give the gift of adventure and puzzle solving with friends, family, or for team building! (Designed for adults. Players must be 12 years old and older)
Currently on Exhibition: The Dollhouse & The 90s Video Store.
Open year round!
Virtual gift certificates available online at www.CuriousEscapeRooms.com

Physical gift tickets available in store. Contact us at (978)696-5136 for details.

General admission: $28 per person
Local Residents and Students: $25 per person w/ promo code "FITCHBURGROCKS"

Gallery Sitka West 454 Main St, Fitchburg
Support small, local businesses like us during Shop Small Saturday! Gallery Sitka West is offering 20% off all art and pottery during this event. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to help support the arts!

Eddy's Music, 18 Mill St, Fitchburg, MA (978) 855-4678
on Small Business Saturday Eddy's Music will be offering 20% off anything in the store except consignments. Always free intro lessons too. Thanks!

Pen & Anvil Press, online: http://penandanvil.com/
Brilliant! "Fitchburg and Fitchburg-area residents who make a book or journal issue purchase from http://penandanvil.com/catalogue on 11/24/18 are eligible to receive a 15% refund. To initiate your refund claim, please email press@penandanvil.com/"


Fitchburg - ILoveKickboxing’s humble roots mean BIG savings! 
24 John Fitch Hwy, Fitchburg, MA (978) 627-3096
Celebrate Small Business Saturday with all of our franchise owners for sleek arms, toned legs, and a fat wallet.

1-Day Flash Sale! 50% OFF 3 Fitness Kickboxing Classes + Free Gloves, Just $9.99 (Regular: $19.99)! Use Promo Code “SBS” at checkout: ilovekickboxing.com

#smallbizsaturday #ILKB #deals #sale #local


Putnam Street Lanes Fitchburg, 14 Putnam St, Fitchburg, MA 
(978) 343-9664
Small Business Saturday promotion at Putnam Street Lanes, Saturday Nov 24th --- Bowl 1 game, Get 1 game free!


Higher Standards Smoke Shop, 360 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA (978) 627-3331
For the Small Business Saturday. These are the deals at Higher Standards Smoke Shop. Final sales over $50 we will take 5% off. Final sales over $100 will save 10%. Final sales over $200 will save 15%.

Windmill Florist, 448 Mechanic St, Fitchburg, MA (978) 342-2347
Small Business Saturday deal: 20% off at Windmill (will exclude prior purchases and live arrangements). That's 20% off all antiques, jewelry, furniture, and all holiday silk arrangements and wreaths. 

Susan Bates Home and Garden, 54 Fitchburg State Rd, Ashby, MA (978) 340-7869
Small Business Saturday deal: 20% on all EGM tags at Susan Bates Home and Garden at 

Think Tank Academics, 348 Lunenburg St, Fitchburg, MA (978) 821-9209
Free academic assessment on November 24 for any child grades 1-10.
Appointment must be made at least 48 hours in advance by calling 978 821 9209 or emailing thinktankacademics@gmail.com


Acid Reign Skateboard Company, 168 Lunenburg St, Fitchburg, MA (978) 549-2415
10% off promotion on Saturday Nov 24th when you mention Small Business Saturday!

Fitchburg Preppy Pet, 147 John Fitch Hwy, Fitchburg, MA (978) 345-0444
We will be offering 10%off everything in our retail store on small business Saturday!
We are also having a big holiday party Saturday December 1st! There will be vendors, free samples and a raffle table with 100% proceeds going to local animal rescues!


The Boulder Art Gallery, 960 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA (978) 345-7000
Boulder Art Gallery is offering 15% off all purchases..............store wide, on Saturday, November 24th.

Urban Flow La Moda, 6 Summer St, Fitchburg, MA (978) 627-3798
Free shipping on orders $75+
10% off Clothing and Accessories on Small Business Saturday
& Buy one shirt get one free off the sale rack on Saturday!

Global 24
Global 24 will be offering a $99 access membership, single club, one year, unlimited on demand Fitness classes . In club or online joining. 😊 

debonis & davin florist inc.
For Small Business Saturday Nov 24th Debonis & Davin Florist will be offering a 20% discount on all store items, excluding cut flowers and wire out orders. Thank you!


Strong Style Coffee
For Small Business Saturday November 24th:
take 25% off all Merch (shirts and mugs!)
Also...Get an extra $5 bucks added to any gift card purchase (that's free money yall.)


Zedas Fitchburg, MA
Small Business Saturday Nov 24th PIZZA deal! (2) Large Plain Cheese Pizzas for $13.99! No substitutions.


R/C Excitement, Inc, 208 Bemis Rd, Fitchburg 
Black Friday Open House! We will be doing demonstrations and test drives that day, and it's all free.
Small Business Saturday Nov 24: $20 gift card with any purchase of $250+, $50 gift card for $500+ purchases! VIP Savings & Discounts!

Mill No. 3 Farmstand
Join us for a unique shopping experience! We will have food & wine tastings. Spend $50.00 and be entered into a gift basket raffle including some of our favorite things!!!
#ShopSmall #ShopLocal #MillNo3

Rebel Smoke Fitchburg
Offering 15% discount on #smallbizsaturday & a special card in store with more discounts!

Red House Irons 
Offering a free 'Fitchburg Sucks' t shirt with $100 purchase for Small Business Saturday. .....PS Fitchburg Rocks ;)


That's Entertainment- North! (Fitchburg)
20% off almost everything on Thanksgiving Weekend, including Small Business Saturday! See Flyer in event for more details!

Fitchburg SBS.jpg

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, which operates centers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, has taken over the former Durham School in Fitchburg to serve as a day school for students with autism and other disabilities.

The special focus for the school remains the same, but with a new name: the CARES School, using an acronym for the Center for Autism Resources and Education Services.


Building Opportunities for People in Transition

Construction underway for transitional housing facility in Fitchburg to help people in transition of North Central Massachusetts.

Building Opportunities for People in Transition

Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts' 3-year funding commitment will help GAAMHA, Inc. creative supportive sober housing for up to 40 people. "I can't overstate the importance of organizations like Community Foundation," says Shawn Hayden, COO of Gardner Athol Area Mental Health Association. "We have a lot of ideas about how we can help people, but without Community Foundation's generosity we could never bring them to fruition."

Established in 1967, an essential part of GAAMHA's mission is to help people recover from drug and alcohol addiction. A key resource in the process that is sorely lacking in North Central Massachusetts is transitional, supportive sober housing.

"People need a place where they can get up every day, and go to work or go to school, knowing that they are in a place free of drugs and alcohol; where there is a Case Manager available to them 24/7," says Hayden.

Thanks to a $227,000 commitment over the next three years from Community Foundation's Endowed Fund for Critical Needs, GAAMHA will be able to begin construction on a sober living facility in Fitchburg, in fall of 2018. The end result will be the creation of 10 apartments designed to house four individuals each, as well as a retail facility that will provide employment opportunities for the building's residents.

GAAMHA hopes to have the facility operational by 2019, and self-funded by 2021. "For people in recovery, long-term connectivity to care has proven to have a very positive impact on outcomes. Thanks to Community Foundation's generosity we'll be able to do more positively impact the lives of individuals, and our community," said Hayden.



FunStuf Rentals and FunStuf Party Place Moving to Fitchburg!

Opening the end of January 2019!! N̶o̶v̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ... the new Fitchburg FunStuf Rentals and FunStuf Party Place!!!
791 Water Street, Fitchburg MA.
So excited for the new Fitchburg FunStuf AND party place (Bouncys for the kids!!)

FunStuf Rentals is your inflatable rental headquarters for central and eastern Massachusetts. Delivering inflatables and fun since 1998. From moonwalks to waterslides, obstacle courses to bungee runs, we have it all. Use the menu on the left for information on any of our inflatables and attractions, bounces and moonwalks, waterslides, obstacle courses, dunk tanks, bungee runs, tug-of-war sports, pedestal jousts and food equipment - including pictures, pricing, size and electrical requirements, and capacity.