A few Updates from the Fitchburg DPW 1/26/19

A few Updates from the Fitchburg DPW 1/26/19:
🚧Water Street Bridge: Design has not started. 25% design expected Jan 2020. Will be advertised in April 2021
New bridge over Boulder Drive will have 3 lanes northbound, 2 lanes southbound, bike lanes, sidewalks
🌳Rollstone Hill Rock Walk project: Approved for Student Conservation Association Crews in 2019
💦 Started researching different revenue opportunities for water department for the watershed forestland. There are several possibilities such as selling carbon offset credits or timber harvesting.
🎾CDBG reimbursement work: Continued to remove tennis courts at Goodrich Playground
💦 Shut off water at 60 Scott Road at tap (no curbstop present) following City taking possession of the property.
💦Reservoir levels as of 1/25/19: Meetinghouse=full, Mare Meadow=full, Bickford=full, Fitchburg/Ashby=full, Scott=full, Lovell=full

fitchburg dpw truck.jpg

Detention Swale on Shea St near Cathy St was FULL Tonight!

In case you were wondering what the HUGE new Detention Swale on Shea St near Cathy St looks like when full...the full swale was overflowing onto Shea St (as designed) from a huge amount of water + plugged up drain screens... our dpw was here in the rain cleaning the screens of leaves to get the water to flow through the drainage system faster. 18" Culverts out in two locations with a dedicated line out towards the Notown. Deepest point in swale is about 8ft!
Engineer Nick Erickson said before this was built there would be 2 ft of water in the road...so it is working!

Upper Common Complete Streets planned improvements 2019

Upper Common planned improvements:
It was noted that our Complete Streets Upper Common Project has been awarded to a contractor at a cost of $300k. We were given $219k as a grant, we will be supplementing this with approx $81k of CDBG grant funding.
The proposed plan has been colored here for clarity--reworked/rebuilt sidewalks and accessible access to crosswalks are in blue, the new thermoplastic crosswalks in red.
This also includes flashing pedestrian crossing signals as well as other miscellaneous work.


VisionZero, State House Visit with Senator Tran, MABPAB Meeting

I had a long awesome day at the Mass Statehouse today... as I'm on the MA State Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Board, I took the train from Fitchburg to Boston early this morning to join the day of action for #VisionZero with presentation by Governor Charlie Baker on the 'Act to Improve Safety on the Roads of the Commonwealth' which includes requiring hands free cell use, truck guards, DUI ignition interlocks, ability of police to pull you over for no seatbeat...etc
Pedestrian, Bike and Road Safety Advocates from MassBike, WalkBoston, Text Less Live More, Safe Roads Alliance, MassDOT & more were discussing the bill and more bills with Senators and Reps today...so I went and saw my favorite Senator Dean A. Tran 😁

After the #VisionZero presentation, I stopped in to see my favorite Senator Dean A. Tran at his fancy State House Office (with a great view of the gold dome!) and we took the VIP tour 😎
I got to hold the Senate President Gavel, sat in Dean's Senate Seat (lucky #7), got to visit the State Representative Chambers, visit the front balcony between the Senate and Governor Charlie Baker's office, and the dome with Gardner City Councilor Boudreau to top it all off!!

After my meeting with Senator Tran and tour of the Statehouse… I attended mu Meeting of the Massachusetts Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Board at the MassDOT Transportation Building…discussing MassDOT implementation and strategy of the Bicycle Plan and Pedestrian plan for improving alternate modes of transportation throughout the Commonwealth…..and they spelled my name right this time =D

Marijuana/ Cannabis Businesses in Fitchburg

I've been asked a few times "How many Cannabis businesses are going in now in Fitchburg?" So I put together this fairly comprehensive list....if I am missing anything or have anything that should be corrected please let me know!

Also, great article in the paper today that summarizes more and gives some more info: http://www.sentinelandenterprise.com/news/ci_32395267/preparations-underway-fitchburg-pot-shops

2019 1-9 Official List by the Fitchburg Community Development Office, shared with me from a Planning Board Member

Marijuana/ Cannabis Businesses in Fitchburg: as of 1/22/19

General Notes

  • There is a cap on an individual licensee of 100,000 sq. ft. grow canopy.

  • There’s no cap for number of licensed cultivators.

  • For retail sales of Adult Use it is capped at 40% of the amount of package stores licenses, or 7 stores (referenced by City Solicitor). (Number of 8 used by city councilors most often in meetings when referencing 40% number, as minimum 20% number was rounding up per CCC)

  • Fitchburg voters approved adult-use/recreational cannabis 56.7% (8,707) to 43.3% (6,636), November 8th, 2016.

In Operation

Garden Remedies, Inc., 307 Airport Rd

Cultivation & processing of Medical Marijuana

  • Voted 7-0 to expand medical cultivation May 8, 2018

  • Facility is currently in operation, seeking to expand to 80,000 sq. ft. interior expansion and 30,000 sq. ft. outside grow area (greenhouses). Proposed outdoor grow on the SE side of building consists of five 30’x 215’ greenhouses with 10 ft. separation in between for maintenance.

  • 5-8-18 Meeting Minutes: http://www.ci.fitchburg.ma.us/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Minutes/_05082018-1313


Revolutionary Clinics, 1 Oak Hill Rd

Cultivation & processing of Medical Marijuana


Mass. Patient Foundation, 99 Development Rd

Medical Marijuana cultivation facility

 (Approved/ Pending State Approval or Opening)

Atlantic Medicinal Partners, 774 Crawford St.

Medical Marijuana cultivation/processing & dispensary facility


Revolutionary Clinics, 1 Oak Hill Rd.

Cultivation & processing of Adult-Use Marijuana

  • Bert Vining, Vice President of Revolutionary Clinics

  • Total Employees: 85 (65 at Oak Hill Rd) soon to be 120 Employees total.

  • A minimum of 35% of product produced is reserved for medical patients, the rest could go to the Adult Use Market

  • Product is locked and secured and transported to Somerville, and two locations in Cambridge.

  • Approved August 21st 2018 7-0

  • 8-21-18 Meeting Minutes: http://www.ci.fitchburg.ma.us/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Minutes/_08212018-1374


Garden Remedies, Inc., 307 Airport Rd

Cultivation & processing of Adult -Use Marijuana


NS AJO Holdings, 20 Authority Drive

Cultivation, processing & retail sales of Medical & Adult-Use Marijuana


Native Sun Wellness, 140 Industrial Road

Cultivation/processing of Medical Marijuana


Cypress Tree Management, 431 Westminster Street

Medical & Adult Use?

Cultivation & processing of Medical Marijuana (7/18, 9/18)

  • Matt Fournier Building Owner

  • Zach Harvey, COO of Cypress Tree Mgmt.

  • d/b/a Weston Roots

  • Cypress Tree will be using 50,000 sq. ft. of the building

  • Medical marijuana cultivation establishment with 32-50 employees.

  • Approved Sept 11, 2018 7-0


Colonial Cannabis, 141-143 Water St.

Retail sale of Adult-Use Marijuana

  • Jack Carney

  • There will be a vestibule entrance with security.  Customers will wait in queue & wait for employee to check IDs.

  • They will only allow 20 -25 people inside store at any one time.  If waiting line extends outside, additional security will be provided. 

  • Expects peak times will be >5:00p.m. on Fridays. Hours expected to be M-Th 10-8, Fri.-Sat. 10-10

  • They are proposing to use one-half of the 3,500 sq. ft. space for retail cannabis sales and the other half for a Potential restaurant.

  • Expect to start with 4-5 employees, may go up to 7 once established.

  • 2% of retail sales with $10K annually to community relations board.

  • Approved November 13th 6-0


Blue Collar Botany, 644 River St.

Cultivation/processing of Adult-Use Marijuana

  • Hal Melanson

  • Parcel is a 2.6 acre site.  Will use approx. 9,500 sq. ft. of building, grow canopy: 4,600 sq. ft.

  • Will not have retail sales there; they are looking at working with other retailers, probably on the South Shore.

  • Applicant will pay City 1.25% of retail sales, donate $10K/year to community relations board. 

  • Approved November 13, 2018 6-0

  • 11-13-2018 Meeting Minutes: http://www.ci.fitchburg.ma.us/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Minutes/_11132018-1446

(Pending Approval)

CAS Foundation, Inc., 1 Oak Hill Road

Medical & Adult Use


Green Era, 371 John Fitch Hwy

Retail sales of Adult-Use Marijuana


The Caregiver-Patient Connection, 373 Lunenburg St.

Retail sales of Adult-Use Marijuana

  • Catherine Trifilo (Iandoli) & Dean Iandoli, Owners

  • Adult Use cultivation/processing facility in Barre (10,000 sq. ft.)

  • Retail Name: Solcanna

  • Hours of proposed retail facility: 11:00 a.m. -9:00 p.m., 7 days per week.  Est. 4-6 employees; 1,270 sq.ft. floor space. Maximum 12-15 customers per hour; 21 people max. capacity by building code.

  • 3% of retail sales, 5 yr. contract.  $10K/year to Community Relations Board. 



Stalk & Beans, 431 Westminster St.

Cannabis Third-Party Transporter

  • ·         Proposed to take 520 sf of space in Mill


Oxford Investment Partners, LLC, 25 Newport St.

Cannabis Cultivation/processing


310 Broad St.

Cannabis cultivation

  • Rob Bujold of Westminster Millworks present. Total building area:56,000 sq.ft. Proposes to convert 14,000 sq. ft. on 2nd floor into a small, coöp. grower, 4,000 sq. ft. total grow canopy.

  • Building is outside of 300-foot buffer to Crocker Field, but perhaps within 200 -feet of the Horizon Church parcel. Rob will pursue Special Permit.

  • 11-13-2018 Meeting Minutes: http://www.ci.fitchburg.ma.us/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Minutes/_11132018-1446


Crocker Elementary School Educational Visioning

At the Crocker Elementary School Educational Visioning as a City Councilor 🏛 and Crocker Mom 🐾 for the day with SAAM Architects ;)
Great opportunity to look towards the future to plan for our new Crocker Elementary school.

Upcoming Community Narcan Training and distribution

The City of Fitchburg Health Department Substance Abuse Prevention and its Massachusetts Opioid Abuse Prevention Collaborative (MOAPC) are pleased to announce that Narcan Training and distribution will now be held on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm at Community Health Connections, Conference Room 1, 326 Nichols Road, Fitchburg.

Attendees will be instructed on how to recognize an opioid overdose and what to do if one occurs.  Narcan will be distributed by AIDS Project Worcester to those who enroll.

Narcan blocks the opioids and restores normal breathing when sprayed in the nose of someone who has overdosed.  It is safe, easy to administer and has no potential for abuse.

Upcoming dates:  February 19, March 19, April 16 and May 21


For more information, please call City of Fitchburg Substance Abuse Prevention at (978) 829-1854.

Contact Information for Impending Severe Weather

Contact Information for Impending Severe Weather
In preparation of the impending severe winter weather, please find the following helpful information:
🏠Warming Shelter - Fitchburg Salvation Army
Contact them for dates
739 Water Street, Fitchburg
🏠Emergency Shelter *to those who qualify*
Thurs Jan 17th to Mon Jan 21st
Call Our Fathers House - 978-345-3050
❄️ Report Snow Plowing/Ice/Sanding needs
Fitchburg DPW: 978-829-1900
⚡️Reporting Electric Outage
Call Unitil - 888-301-7700
🔥To Report a Gas Emergency
Call Unitil - 866-542-3547
❄️For Plowing and Sanding Needs
Call Fithcburg DPW Dispatch - 978-829-1900
For Emergencies
Call 911
🚔Fitchburg Police non-emergency 978-345-4355
🔥Fitchburg Fire non-emergency 978-345-9660
⚡️Unitil's Outage Center - Electric Outage Map
⚡️Unitil's Electric Outages tips and preparation
🔥Unitil's Gas Interruptions tips and preparation

Upcoming FitchburgMass Events: January/February

Upcoming FitchburgMass Events:  January/February
Upcoming events to attend and  save the date for!

January in Fitchburg

Twin City Toastmasters meeting

Tues Jan 15th 6:45pm-8:30pm, Leominster Credit Union 20 Adams St Leominster

Are you interested in joining Toastmasters? Do you want to learn what it is all about?
You can see for yourself. Why not come to a meeting as our guest?
Guests are always welcome at Twin City Toastmasters Meetings.
We meet every Tuesday night from 6:45 - 8:30pm, Meetings are held at the Leominster Credit union Are you interested in improving your public speaking skills? For membership information, please see our Membership Information Page

Cannabis Research Facility Outreach Mtg- Airport Rd Fitchburg Public Library, MA

Thursday, January 175:30 – 6:30pm

Notice is hereby given that a Community Outreach Meeting for a proposed Marijuana Establishment.
The proposed Marijuana Research Facility is anticipated to be located at 307 Airport Road, Fitchburg, MA 01420. There will be an opportunity for the public to ask questions.


Dining for the Dog Park at Legends Bar & Grille
Thurs January 17th 11am-10pm 68 Airport Rd, Fitchburg

Legends Grille & Sports Bar will be donating 15% of food sales for both Lunch and Dinner--- from 11am to 10pm on Thursday January 17th, 2019
The Fitchburg Dog Park will receive 15% of the food sales to the dog park for lunch and dinner! Just let them know you are there to support the dog park!
Dining to donate in benefit of our dog park, invite your friends!

Come join us for a fun time and a great cause. at 6:30/7pm we meet here for our Dog Park friends meeting---everyone is welcome, join us to help plan our Feb 7th Live auction at River Styx and chat upcoming dog park plans.


Synergy Live at Singapore

Jan 18 & 19th at 9:30 PM - 1AM, Singapore Restaurant, 170 Whalon St, Fitchburg, MA


Valentines Day Party and Professional Pet Photos!

Saturday January 19th at 10 AM - 2PM
Fitchburg Preppy Pet, 147 John Fitch Highway, Fitchburg, MA

Join us for a Valentines Day Party! There will be pet vendors, free samples, raffles, 10% off everything in the store and more! Everyone who attends our Valentines Day Party will also be entered into a FREE raffle to win TWO days of doggie daycare! Angie from Kit Cat Photography & Animal Massage will also be set up taking professional pet pictures! Cost for pictures is $40 and includes sitting, (2) 5X7 prints (of your choice) and a portion of proceeds will be donated to animal rescue!
Reservations for picture times are recommended, sign up in our lobby or call (978)345-0444

Free Pasta Dinner
Sat, Jan 19 1pm – 5:00pm, AmVets Motorcycle Club 860 Ashby State Rd Fitchburg, MA
Fitchburg has a little known veterans organization located at 860 Ashby State Rd. The American Veterans Motorcycle Club. AVMC is a non profit organization of veterans and non veterans who raise money for less fortunate veterans. AVMC raises money throughout the year by donations, motorcycle rides, raffles and other fundraising events. AVMC and our affiliates look forward to meeting you and enjoying a free pasta dinner and good conversation during your visit.


14th Annual Snowball
Sunday, January 20⋅7:00am – 6:00pm, R/C Excitement, Inc, Bemis Rd
Description:The Snowball has been around for 14 years now. We will be running the same as last year with Stock on Saturday and Mod on Sunday. This way you can more classes with the same car and not worry about burning it out. This year we are adding the 1/10 Truggy, as this class is growing fast.


Public Ice Skating at Gaetz Arena
Monday, January 21⋅12:30 – 2:30pm, Weekly on weekdays, until Apr 8, 2019
Wallace Civic Center Gaetz Arena, John Fitch Highway, Fitchburg


Learn Roller Derby with the Bay State Brawlers!

Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 8 – 10 PM, Roll On America, 90 Duval Rd, Lancaster

Bay State Brawlers Roller Derby offers a new skater class that runs for 16 classes, and is designed to bring skaters up to a full-contact skill level. We will teach you everything from skating basics, to proper falling, stopping, and hitting. No previous skating experience is required! Just bring your enthusiasm and protective gear, we'll help you with the rest. If you have questions or would like more information, e-mail with your contact information to join@baystatebrawlers.com.
There are only 25 spots in this class for skaters and skating officials, and we book first come first serve, so space is limited.

The Nitty Gritty: Bay State league practices run twice a week, on Wednesdays from 8:00-10:00 PM and Sundays from either 5:30-7:30 PM or 10:30AM-12:30PM, at Roll On America, 90 Duval Rd, Lancaster, MA. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early to practices to get geared-up, as on-track practice begins promptly. You must be 18 or older and identify as female to join the league as a skater, however, anyone is welcome to participate in our New Skater Class, as there are many ways to be involved in derby, from skating officials to coaches and trainers, to non-skating officials.

Fitchburg High School PTO Doughraiser
Thursday, January 24⋅11:00am – 11:00pm, Uno Pizzeria & Grill
Description:Come out and support The Fitchburg High School PTO in their fundraising efforts! Up to 20% of your check will go back to the PTO. Whether you dine in, take out, or take advantage of our office catering options, every little bit helps! Simply inform your server or host that you are there to support FHS and your check will be included! We hope to see you there!


Comedy show - Support Sam Pawlak Community Playground
Friday, January 25⋅6:30 – 9:30pm, Knights of Columbus Joseph P Keating Council #99
Description:Support the playground with lots of laughs. Doors open at 6:30 Spaghetti and meatballs $7 Entry for the show $20 50/50 raffles Chinese auction Show begins at 8 Jerry Caruso headline comedian

Pannukakku Breakfast at Finnish Ctr

Sat Jan 26th 8-10am, Saima Park, 61 Scott Rd, Fitchburg


Fitchburg State Alumni Hockey Game

Sat. Jan. 26, 2019 at 2 PM – 7 PM, Wallace Civic Ctr, 1000 John Fitch Hwy, Fitchburg

It's time to dust off the skates for this year's Alumni Hockey Game, which will be held on Saturday, January 26 at the Wallace Civic Center. Registration and warm-ups begin at 2 PM and the alumni vs. alumni game will start at 3 PM. While we encourage all alumni to play, we would also enjoy your attendance as a spectator.
Following the game, we hope you and your family will stay for pizza and refreshments and to cheer on the Falcons as they take on Worcester State.

Geeks Who Drink (Trivia)
Sunday, January 27⋅7:00 – 10:00pm, Weekly on Sunday

Strong Style Coffee, 37 Boulder Dr, Fitchburg, MA
Description:Geeks Who Drink comes to Fitchburg (woop woop!) Guess weird facts, make friends, drink beer, become part of the new zeitgeist, and as always, be kind to one another. xoxo Strong Style Coffee

LUK's Blood Drive for the American Red Cross

Mon, Jan. 28, 2019 at 9 AM – 2 PM, Fitchburg Senior Ctr, 14 Wallace Ave, Fitchburg, MA

Join LUK and the American Red Cross for a blood drive on January 28th! Schedule your appointment online at https://www.redcrossblood.org/give.html/drive-results?zipSponsor=LUKInc&fbclid=IwAR0riL7Lm09_Jy9mrGcgITPC1E4ardy2AtVjs85GrpKIAC-lCAJqSVdLaaY

 February in Fitchburg

 Comedy Hypnotist Night!

Friday, February 1⋅7:00 – 10:00pm, Knights of Columbus
Description:Hypno Lorenzo will entertain the crowds with a hysterical comedy night!! Tickets are $20.00 a piece. All profits will be donated to American Liver Foundation, in honor of Erin Lovett's Boston Marathon run!


Live Music - Keith McLinden Band
February 1, 2019, 7:00pm – 1:00am, The Boulder, 880 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA


Library Chess Club- Learn to Play Chess- Young and Old & Read to a Therapy Pet
Sat Feb 2nd, Chess Workshop: 10:30 a.m.-noon; Fitchburg Public Library, 610 Main St.
Learn or improve your chess skills with chess master George Mirijanian. 978-829-1783.

Fitchburg Winterfest 2019
Saturday, February 2  12:00 – 5:00pm, Coggshall Park, 159 Electric Ave, Fitchburg, MA

Description:Enjoy craft beers, 21+ cornhole tournament, ice skating and sledding, youth Cardboard Sled competition, ice sculpture demonstrations, guided hikes, hot cocoa and snacks. • Park Use request by the Fitchburg Recreation Department and Beers for Good for the use of Coggshall Park and the Stonehouse on February 2019 for the annual Winterfest. • Special Request by Beers for Good to allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages at the Coggshall Park Stonehouse on February 2, 2019.


Groundhog Day Lighting of the Farolitos
Saturday, February 2⋅5:05 – 8:05pm, Upper Common, Fitchburg

Description: Join us on Groundhog Day Saturday, February 2 at 5PM as we host the Lighting of the Farolitos, a 3-hour public art installation of over 500 candles in sand-filled paper bags in the tradition of the American southwest. All are welcome to help light and place the candles all over the Upper Common. Live electronic music by the Zen Den and plenty of hot cocoa!


Glenn Roberts Memorial Hockey Game
Saturday February 2nd, 2019, Wallace Civic Ctr, 1000 John Fitch Hwy, Fitchburg  $10 ticket, available at the door

·         5pm Fitchburg State Vs Plymouth State

·         7:30pm Fitchburg High Vs Lunenburg High

 Super Bowl Brunch - 39th Annual
Sunday, February 3⋅8:30am – 12:00pm, Montachusett Regional Voc Tech School
1050 Westminster St, Fitchburg, MA 01420, USA

Fitchburg East Rotary's 39th Annual Super Bowl Brunch Adults $14 Seniors & Students $9 Children Under 10: $5 Tickets available at door, or contact: Peter Perry 978-868-0761


Singles Mingle Valentines Event For Ages 30-50

Wed, Feb. 6, 2019 at 6:30 – 9:30 PM, Legends, 68 Airport Rd, Fitchburg $20

Valentine's Dating games, Fun fast Paced Innovative way to meet new people, Must have Cell phone with Data
Age 30-50, Exciting way to meet people a few questions with a virtual personality quiz and a few matches.
You simply receive a text message for potential dates. Meet them face to face if a spark it's your option to share phone number information or possibly continue your chat at our fantastic venues

First Thursday Farmer's & Crafter's Market

Thurs, Feb. 7, 2019 at 3 – 6 PM, Fitchburg Art Museum, 185 Elm St, Fitchburg

FREE FIRST THURSDAY! Please join us for the Fitchburg Farmers' Market where you can shop local and support our local economy. Fitchburg Art Museum galleries are ready to take you around the world from ancient civilizations to contemporary society. FREE FOR ALL from 3:00 - 6:00 pm.


Puppy Love Pawty & Live Auction Benefit for the Dog Park

Thurs, Feb. 7, 2019  6:00-8:30pm, River Styx Brewing, 166 Boulder Dr, Fitchburg, MA

·         Great live & silent auction items!  A $10 Paw Paddle includes:

River Styx Microbrew exclusive pour
Live Auctions by Force's Time Capsule
No. 1 City of Fitchburg Dog License Auction

Great auction items up for bid just in time for Valentine's Day. Thanks for your support!


Laurelwood Garden Club Monthly Meeting

Fri Feb 8th 9:30am-12pm at Fitchburg Art Museum, Elm St, Fitchburg

The Laurelwood Garden Club meetings with speaker/programs are held the second Friday of each month at the Fitchburg Art Museum, from 9:30 a.m. to noon. Guests are welcome to attend meetings, and they are open to all interested gardeners. If interested in attending or for further information on Art In Bloom, contact Vice President Julie Palioca at 978-537-7630.


Live Music - Midnight Sharp
February 8, 2019, 7:00pm – 1:00am, The Boulder, 880 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA 01420, USA


Broad Strokes: American Painting of the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries from the FAM Collection
Saturday, February 9⋅3:00 – 5:00pm, Fitchburg Art Museum, 185 Elm St, Fitchburg, MA

& Opening reception for Fire and Light presents the work of internationally renowned artist, Otto Piene (b. Germany, 1928–2014), focusing on artworks created since the mid-1980s when he moved to Groton, MA. Piene’s relentless exploration of light, fire, and air led to groundbreaking achievements in art and technology. Fire and Light offers a rare opportunity for visitors to experience Piene’s immersive artworks and contemplate Piene’s vision and practice.


Coffee & cake with Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Fitchburg, MA. chapter

Sat Feb 9th, 6-7pm, 370 Main St, Fitchburg

The community is welcome to this weekly open house & discussion about true Islam.


Wiso G & DJ Kripy

Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019  10pm-2am, Beemers, 310 Main St, Fitchburg, MA

DJ Joel and the Team MVP DJ’s will be starting off the night right, revving you up for a performance that you won’t want to miss!
Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. For tickets and VIP service, call 508-560-5083
21+ event. 10PM-2AM Dress code and security enforced.

Kid's At Heart Mentoring Gala

Thursday, February 14⋅5:30 – 10:00pm, Great Wolf Lodge, 150 Great Wolf Dr, Fitchburg, MA
Join LUK Mentoring for our 6th Annual Kids at Heart Gala! The event will be on Thursday, February 14th at Great Wolf Lodge in Fitchburg and will feature Dinner, Music, Live and Silent Auctions, Raffles, and more! For more information, email LUKGala@LUK.org or call 800-579-0000.


Paint Night at Tryst Lounge $25

Sun, Feb, 17, 2019 at 2 PM, The Tryst Lounge, 320 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA

Join us in painting this Sweet Heart tree! Cost includes supplies and house drink!


Fitchburg St. at Worcester St. (Men's Ice Hockey)
Tuesday, February 19⋅6:00 – 8:00pm, Wallace Civic Center, John Fitch Hwy, Fitchburg
Description:Men's Ice Hockey on Feb 19, 2019 at 6:00 PM: Fitchburg St., Worcester St. More details about this event (https://stanza.co/event/5bcecb08ee4bbc00276f5c00?embed=true) Synced via Stanza - create your own live updating calendar (https://stanza.co?events) For questions, check out our FAQs page: https://stanza.co/faqs


Pannukakku Breakfast at Finnish Ctr, Sat Feb 23th 8-10am, Saima Park, 61 Scott Rd, Fitchburg

 Heritage Brass in Fitchburg, MA

USAF Heritage of America Band, Sunday, February 24, 2019 at 3 PM – 5 PM, Weston Auditorium, 350 North St, Fitchburg, MA

The United States Air Force Heritage of America Band has a rich history of inspiring hearts and minds, building and sustaining American patriotism, and enhancing esprit de corps in the United States Air Force. It was one of the original Army Air Corps bands, created by order of the Secretary of War on October 1, 1941 and assigned to Barksdale Field, Louisiana. In June 1946, after a short stay at Brooks Field, Texas, the band arrived at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia, its current home.
For over seventy-five years, the band has represented the Air Force with musical and military distinction. Members bring music to the mid-Atlantic in live concerts and to the nation in televised events such as "The Today Show" and the DESERT STORM National Victory Parade, as well as presidential inaugural events. The Heritage of America Band has performed ceremonies for U.S presidents and foreign heads of state, including the Queen of England and the President of France.


Hollis Hills Farm,

340 Marshall Road in Fitchburg.  Closed until March!

Mill City Pub

19 Airport Rd, Fitchburg. Serving Tapas and 20 beers/cider on draft.

Live Music starting at 8:30pm      DJ Trivia at 6:30pm on Thursdays

  • Friday January 18th - Kevin Shields

  • Sat Jan 19th - Big Dave & the Captain

  • Fri Jan 25th - Darren Bessette Acoustic

  • Sat Jan 26th – Garage Boys/ Workin' And Rockin' 

  • Fri Feb 1at Sean Daley

  • Sat Feb 2nd –Whiskey Johnson

  • Sat February 9th - Lost Artifacts

·         2/8- Sean Fullerton 

·         2/9- Lost Artifacts

·         2/15- Big Dave & The Captain

·         2/16- XRB

·         2/22- Darren Bessette

·         2/23- The Chills

Marconi Club , 36 Birch Street Passway, Fitchburg

Usually with Capo's Food truck
Come WINE DOWN after a long work week to some great music & grab a bite to eat from CAPO FOOD TRUCK .       

Live Music begins at 7:30pm

  • 1-18 Ron Robuccio

  • 1-19 Finest Hour

  • 1-25 Jim Weeks

  • 2-1 Dan Cormier

  • 2-2 Mike Mazola

  • 2-8 Johnny Girouard

  • 2-9 Dan Kirouac

  • 2-15 Scott Babineau

 Partner's Pub, 970 South Street, Fitchburg 

Live Music/Karaoke begins around 9:30pm

  • 2/2 Sean Daley

  • 2/9 Jah Spirit

  • 2/16 Whiskey Johnson

  • 2/23 Backseat Zero

  • Karaoke ever Wednesday, Friday & Sunday


River Styx Brewing, 166 Boulder Dr, Fitchburg

Legends Bar and Grille, 68 Airport Rd, Fitchburg

Strong Style Coffee, 13 Cushing St, Fitchburg


  • Sundays- 7pm Geeks who Drink Trivia

  • Wednesdays Open Mic

  • Thursdays Poetry

  • Fridays & Saturdays Live Entertainment

 The Local Spot/TJs BBQ, 470-480 Main St, Fitchburg

  • For Music & Events, follow the FB page


The Log Cabin - 135 Westminster St, West Fitchburg

  • Saturday January 19th 9pm - V & Mike G 9p-12am

  • Friday, Jan. 25th: Brian Harrington 9p-12am

  • Saturday, Jan. 26th: Lizzy Marquis 8p-11p

  • Saturday, Feb. 2nd: Jae Mannion 9p-12am

  • Sunday, Feb. 3rd, SuperBowl Party

  • Friday, Feb. 8th: Wendy & T.C. Acoustic 9p-12am

  • Friday, Feb. 22nd: Gracie Day 9pm-12am

  • Saturday, March 2nd: Melissa Gates & Sarah Clarke, 9p-12am


The Tryst Lounge, 320 Main St, Fitchburg, MA

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Fitchburg councilors tour specialized CARES School

My fellow councilor Walsh and I got the full tour with Principal Katherine Flynn during a recent open house at the new Deveraux CARES School in Fitchburg. 
Previously occupied by the Durham School of the Institute of Professional Practice, the new Deveraux CARES (Center for Autism Resources and Education Services) is a small private special education school that supports students ages 8-22 with Autism Spectrum Disorders, developmental disabilities, dual diagnoses, and social skills deficits. 
Their primary goal is to teach functional and pro-social skills that can be easily generalized to the student’s community and home.
They have a gym with workout equipment, an exterior yard with basketball hoop, library/reading areas, individual rooms, a lunch/cafe, a 'school store' and many other support areas.



Cannabis Job Fair Upcoming in Fitchburg

Cannabis Job Fair Upcoming in Fitchburg
A job fair is planned for individuals interested in applying to work for either an adult-use retail store or a medical marijuana dispensary. The job fair and resume workshop is planned for Wednesday, January 16, at the Fitchburg Public Library, MA, 610 Main St., from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
The job fair is being organized by Central Ave Compassionate Care Inc. a medical marijuana dispensary, and Gage Cannabis Co., which plans to open an adult-use retail cannabis shop. Both are hiring for a variety of positions, from entry level to management, at their locations in Ayer.
The job fair will also feature a workshop for applicants interested in entering the cannabis industry but who need assistance crafting a resume.
“This is an opportunity for us help fill our upcoming staffing needs and provide job opportunities for individuals from a community that have been disproportionately harmed by marijuana prohibition and enforcement,” said Mark Hillier, Chief Operating Officer of Central Ave Compassionate Care Inc.
Central Ave., a marijuana cultivator and manufacturer that operates a medical dispensary in Ayer, is seeking:
· Dispensary or sales agents
· Security Associates
· Packaging Personnel
· Cultivation Assistant
Gage Cannabis, which has plans to open as retailer and manufacturer in Ayer, is seeking:
· Sales associates
· Security associates
· Kitchen personnel
· Packaging personnel
All applicants must be 21 and older and willing to undergo a background check. Non-violent marijuana offenses are not disqualifying. Applicants should bring a resume and cover letter, and applications will be available at the job fair.
*Please share to all who might be interested*


Fitchburg Supertintendent's Discussion on the State's Foundation Budget

I joined in to Fitchburg State University tonight with fellow councilor Walsh and many other elected officials tonight for the Fitchburg Public SchoolsDiscussion on the State's Foundation Budget in the Community of Fitchburg.
I live tweeted the responses @samsquailia & I will copy the tweet/photos here and post stats below:
**349:490 Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents a gap of 141 teachers needed in Fitchburg Public Schools not able to be afforded due to high Special Ed and Health Insurance spending unaccounted for in the Foundation Budget
**384:504 Leominster has a 120 teacher gap in needed teachers per fndn budget unable to be funded due to high spending needs in health insurance and special education spending Leominster Public Schools
** Gardner Mass Superintendent "Arts & Music & Guidance Counselors often first to be cut from school programming due to limited resources req'd to be spent on Health Insurance and Special Education" "The budget should be driven by the education, but too often the education is driven by the budget" "Students that come from poverty need additional services" "Our largest issue is poverty"
** Lunenburg, MA Public Schools have a $2.3M gap in Special Ed Budget, and a $2.3M gap in Health Insurance budget, requiring cuts in teacher funding, books and other funds
** Winchendon, Massachusetts actual staffing needs for Special Education far exceeds the allotment by the Foundation Budget. Top right graphs.
**"When I see the resources wealthy communities can provide their students, I am disheartened...it's discriminatory what the State is doing" -Mother of 4 in Public Schools
**Call to action: "What emerges...is that the Commonwealth has a duty to provide an education for all its children, rich and poor, in every city and town...at the public school level, and this duty is designed...to serve the interest of the children..."
** Increase in Chapter 70 funding to our local school budgets with full funding of the FBRC: Heslth Insurance, Special Ed, ELL and Low Income subsidy. @FitchburgPS @FitchburgMass would receive $12.8M additional to our school budget

I highly recommend watching the Superintendent Forum on Education Spending ---and the discussion on the need in increases in the budget for equal education for students in Massachusetts.
School spending and need for additional resources were discussed and represented by Leominster, Fitchburg, Gardner, Lunenburg, Worcteser, Framingham, Winchendon, Clinton, Ayer-Shirley and more.

FATV recorded the event, you can watch it here:

Public Education Funding Information Update. January 8. 2019 Fitchburg State University


I discussed the Bill and the end of the session with Senator Tran a couple months ago for more background info, starts around 31:30 minutes:


Become a Fitchburg Police Officer!

Serve your community with Pride, become a Fitchburg Police Officer! Sign up to take the exam by February 5th, 2019 to avoid the late fee. Municipal police officer exam will be on March 23rd, 2019
You must be a US Citizen, HS Diploma or GED, be between 19-31 years of age, & must reside in Fitchburg between 3/23/ to 3/23/19.


Civil Service examination schedule

Police, correction officer and firefighter exams, including entry level, promotional level and military makeup.

BYOB Discussion Continued

February 20th 2019
BYOB Update: On this week's agenda of the License Commission, once again, is a continued discussion of the proposed BYOB regulations.
Wednesday February 20th, 6pm at Fitchburg Fire Station Downstairs Community Room, 33 North St.

2019-02-20 License Commission Agenda_001.jpg
2019-02-20 License Commission Agenda_002.jpg

Live Streaming of the 1.7.2019 License Commission Meeting


Some businesses that could be affected by proposed regulations that allow patrons to bring their own alcoholic beverages to drink on site are looking for answers at the Board of License Commissioner's next meeting, (Monday January the at 6pm at the Fitchburg Fire Dept downstairs mtg room, 33 North St. Open to the Public.)

"We would like information," said Stacey Sparrow, owner of Art on the Rocks studio at Parkhill Plaza. "We really have not been informed on the subject."
She said the proposed rules could close the business or cause it to relocate outside of Fitchburg.

Sparrow plans to come to a Monday meeting with questions for the commission, like what its members think about concerns from businesses and when regulations could go into effect.

The commission drafted an ordinance that would require businesses to obtain a $100 license for BYOB and set limits, including what type of establishments are eligible for a permit, when the practice would be allowed, type of alcohol, and size of drinks people can bring.

Only businesses with on-premise dining with table service and a wait staff that don't have an alcohol license would be eligible for a BYOB license under the regulations.

They would also require licensees to have liquor liability insurance and all employees of the licensed establishment to receive safe alcohol service training.


Live streaming video of October 15th,2018 License Commission Meeting BYOB regulation discussion

Proposed Fitchburg BYOB Regulations compared to Boston’s current BYOB Regulations.

Oct 11, 2018: Police Related BYOB incidents in Fitchburg:
I submitted to the Fitchburg Police Dept a Public Records Request for the amount of incidents related to Alcohol in the past 10 years for BYOB establishments....and then all Alcohol related incidents for Bar/Restaurants with a pouring license. Here are the results for BYOB.
10 years...the amount of incidents related to BYOB establishments...2.
The amount of incidents at Pouring Establishments....445.

byob incidents.PNG

Update from November 7th, 2018 Continued License Commission BYOB Discussion

I attended this evening's 11/7/18 License Commission meeting to be able to report the discussion on BYOB regulations after the public hearing was held a few weeks ago. I'll report random views and statements from Commissioners here.
📒Daniel Sarefield: "We've received some comments from the public, I wouldn't call them statistically significant, since only 20 people came...but they were a representative sample of certain individuals..."
"Many of the people that spoke were concerned about BYOB businesses that had a common victaullers license, that's an issue that is certainly up for discussion. In addition to that, the timeframe we had specified (5-11pm) and the amount of alcohol (64oz) and the types of alcohol (wine & beer only) were issues that were indicated to us in various communications" "The fee also is something we needs to pare down" 
They are also waiting on the City Solicitor for the suggestion on the required liquor liability.
📒 Donna Pawlak: She started by noting that she thinks most people thought the license fee was a fundraising measure...and she believes is not the case. She noted that while most people were supportive of the BYOB--that 2 people, that owned licensed pouring establishments, that refused to speak publicly because they were planning to speak against---but were 'overwhelmed with everything that was taking place", and wished to remain anonymous with Pawlak., spoke about how unfair it was that they had to pay for liability "it's a huge cost to them, and a huge cost to make sure their staff is TIPS certified...and they thought it was unfair that BYOB establishments didn't have to do any of that." She then notes that the police report showing 2 incidents in 10 years at 6 locations did not include 'the motorcycle place on Ashby state rd' or 'Saima park', "so i would agree with the chief that we need to have a list of places that are doing it, because we aren't even tracking those places...so if someone leaves Saima park...so those places should be added to the city of fitchburg statistics.." she then notes a former city employee telling her they do BYOB at Cleghorn House of Pizza....but she's not certain of that. So if someone leaves there...no one is thinking to stop them..."
📒Daniel Sarefield: "At face value, the info the Capt was able to gather indicated that there had been TWO instances (in 10 years for 6 establishments) at a BYOB business...you can't say nothings ever happened anywhere--that's simply false. The fact that we are not collecting info, and we are not regulating this in some way, I think there is a cause for us to be concerned about it, it's our obligation to address this and i think there are things that were conveyed at the meeting that were totally legitimate, we can make accommodations based on what we heard that make it possible for some of those business to continue to practice BYOB as long as it is done so in a legal manner--I think if we do nothing we continute to have the same problem that we have--that we don't know where this is happening, the police don't know where this is happening, and so if there are problems its going to take us that much longer to figure out where and what they are and that is a danger...it is our obligation and we cannot ignore it." 
🥂Daniel Sarefield: "I know that many of the folks who talked about the TIPS certification and how much it was going to cost them---frankly I'm not convinced by that-- the rest of these businesses that have to have certification, they pass that expense onto their employees---businesses don't pay for that, employees pay for that themselves, that's not a burden on them, if they need to be TIPS certified, they'll make their employees pay for that...and so the ONLY cost that is going to be involved here would be whatever amount would be necessary to process the info at the city clerks office and liability insurance which would protect them and the city if something went wrong"
--BYOB discussion to be continued to 1st meeting in January 2019.

10.15.18- Businesses to license board: Put a lid on BYOB proposal in Fitchburg

Residents and business owners packed a public hearing of the License Commission Monday to decry a draft policy to regulate "bring your own bottle" service in the city.

"BYOB is our bread and butter, it's how I pay my mortgage, and it's how I feed my children," said Stacey Sparrow, owner of Art on the Rocks, a business where patrons can bring their own alcohol beverages while taking art classes in groups.

Sparrow was one of over 20 people who said they oppose a draft policy released by the License Commission pertaining to BYOB.

Under the terms of the draft regulations, only restaurants that offer table service would be permitted to allow BYOB.

Currently, the city is home to at least six BYOB businesses, including some that do not serve meals like Putnam Street Lanes bowling alley and Sparrow's Art on the Rocks.

Sparrow told commissioners the proposed requirement to limit the practice of BYOB to restaurants with table service would put them out of business, as Art on the Rock's location in Parkhill Plaza doesn't have a commercial kitchen.

Read more:http://www.sentinelandenterprise.com/breakingnews/ci_32209372/businesses-license-board-put-lid-byob-proposal-fitchburg#ixzz5brAkqIYa

Fitchburg's newest Golf Business Birdies Golf Junior Golf Clinics

Fitchburg's newest Golf Business Birdies Golf is hosting Free Weekly Junior Golf Clinics (Ages 8-14) starting Sat Jan 12th at 10am and 11am.
Pre-registration is required, limit of 6 per clinic.
Pregister at golf-birdies.com or call 978-516-6985.
Located at 68 Airport Rd, @FitchburgMass


How do I dispose of expired Fire Extinguishers?

Question from resident: How do I dispose of expired Fire Extinguishers? Does the Fitchburg Fire Department Accept Dropoffs?

Answer from the Fitchburg Fire Department: The Fire Dept does not accept dropoffs. You can wait for the free Hazardous Waste dropoff days, (4) per year in June/November. Or Liberty Supply Inc. at 195 Hamilton Street in Leominster will take old fire extinguishers. They charge $10.00 to dispose of them.

----Notes from the Board of Health:

If they are empty and they are open with no pressure, they can go in the trash.

Not empty they can go to the HHW waste day on June 22 at the landfill.

I would call Frank Sepiol in advance at WM (413)519-3916 if there is a charge for these at the event


Curbside Trash Cart Overflow--- Working on solutions.

Question to Residents: Working on solutions to the curbside overflow trash cart problem. Curbside 64gal trash pickup is currently a free weekly service.
The current best option for overflow is an additional trash cart at $100/yr.
If the City lowered the cost of the 2nd trash cart to say $50/yr... would you opt for a 2nd cart to handle overflow?
--- Overflow bags (Yellow City Bags) were discussed as messy looking, easily breakable, and cost ineffective for automated trucks.
To compare:
---Fitchburg, MA offers Curbside 64gal trash pickup as a free weekly service & offers $100/yr for an additional 64gal trash cart for curbside pickup.
---Gardner, MA charges $200/yr. for Single Family/Apartment for trash carts and offers $3.50 overflow trash bags.
---Leominster, MA offers Curbside 64gal trash pickup as a free weekly service & offers $3.00 overflow trash bags.
---Westminster, MA has no municipal run curbside trash collection. Residents can bring trash to dispose at the Landfill at no charge.
---Lunenburg, MA charges per bag for curbside pickup. $1.25/13 gal, $2.55/33 gal, or $4.06/40 gal.
---Townsend, MA offers free curbside pickup of 64gal max trash bins and offers $3.50 overflow trash bags.
---Ashby has no municipal run curbside trash collection. Residents can bring trash to dispose at the ARCTS for $4.00 per 33 gal bag.
---Ashburnham has no municipal run curbside trash collection. Residents can must purchase stickers to place on their bags and bring to the Transfer Station at $5 per 32-35gal.


Addiction Treatment Options

For AA & NA Meetings at the First Parish Church, 923 Main St, Fitchburg See the January schedule here:

For AA & NA Meetings at the First Parish Church, 923 Main St, Fitchburg See the January schedule here:

Addiction Treatment Options: Do you have questions about addiction treatment?
Wednesday Feb 6th from 4-6:30pm at CHC 326 Nichols Rd, Fitchburg, MA
Free and Open to the Public
For more info call 978-829-1854
4:30pm Narcan training and distribution
****The next Narcan training and distribution to be held on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 5:30 pm at Community Health Connections. No pre-registration is required and all are welcome.